"...Thank you! The shirt I can use for a gown or a school shirt. The bear I can sleep with..."
- Female Backpack Recipient

"...Thanks for the cool stuff you got me like the pens and pencils. I like the bookbag you gave me. I needed it bad. I bet the things you give people help them a lot and make their lives better..."
- Male Backpack Recipient

“These backpacks make such a difference that our workers are volunteering extra hours to help [Project Backpack] pack them.”
- Christine Yarborough of the Women’s Safe House

“These backpacks are going directly to mothers who are in crisis and in need of baby supplies. Many of our mothers have come from abusive homes… These mothers leave with a lifted spirit…”
- Clinical Social Worker, Barnes Jewish Hospital

"...Project Backpack is a wonderful program that fills a need not normally addressed in these terrible situations. Knowing someone cares makes a difference in their lives. We appreciate the time, effort and dedication to organize and distribute the backpacks..."
- Chief of Police, City of Woodson Terrace

From The Department of Social Service Case Workers

"...Thank you on behalf of L., a young lady who recently came into DFS custody. L. did not have any clothing or personal items with her. She was excited to get her backpack and go through all her new stuff. I know that getting this gift made her transition to a foster home much easier."

"...Project Backpack is a much-needed organization. Not only does it give the children necessities, but also something dignified to carry their things in. So often they have to carry their belongings in a garbage bag or grocery bag."

"...He was melancholy and listless. When I pulled out the soft stuffed ball...he began to show some expression and his little brown eyes lit up."


“I am aware of Project Backpack and the excellent work done by your organization.”

 - U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (MO)


Real Feedback From Real Backpack Recipients